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So, you've built your website - it looks great! What next? Obviously the whole point of having built a site was to get people to visit it. That's where SEO is a must. SEO (shortened down from the phrase Search Engine Optimisation) is an ongoing process where we firstly research search queries performed on topics surrounding your business. This gives us guidance on what content would rank higher in search results so we can then produce content that fits these searches.

During the SEO process, we will also optimise your site by doing making sure content to encourage google to index your site.

Here's our SEO process:

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Whats Included?

There's a lot to SEO - here's what we include!

Google Analytics Setup

Our tech gurus will setup google analytics so that you can track data which will help measure our SEO efforts. Google analytics is the go-to analytics platform and can be used across any site we build (whether it's Shopify, Wordpress or Webflow) Oh - Google analytics is also free! (Hoorah!)

Keyword Research

Knowing what consumers are searching for, or what your competitor is ranking for is super useful data that can really be the difference between your website flopping or flying. Our keyword research will outline key search terms that will help aid us with writing blog posts or adjusting on page content to help boost your sites rankings.

Weekly SEO Updates By Email

We'll setup automated SEO reporting via email and run through these with you to highlight improvements that could be made.

On Page SEO

There are plenty of hoops to jump to when it comes to SEO. Our handy checklist below covers everything you'd normally need to do to check all the SEO boxes. Luckily - we're here to help take all the faff out of SEO and take care of all of this for you.

SEO Checklist
Weekly Blog Content

We will plan, research and write relevant and engaging content that your audience has shown (in the keyword research) to be interested in. This content is generally around 500 - 750 words in length - which is a prime length of blog posts for google to start ranking. Our content plan can then be adjusted going forward as we gather site data.

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