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APH Science is an up and coming fitness business for which we have done everything from branding, to website, marketing and packaging design

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APH Science

Our journey with APH Group started with APH Science - a SARMs, CBD Oil and Supplements business focussing on elite athletes and advanced gym goers. 

As with all eCommerce stores - we opted to use Shopify as this gives our client the best platform to be selling from. We have also opted to use OmniSend for automated emails (abandoned carts, follow ups and other touch points on the customer journey)

Following the success of APH Science, we have started two spin off projects - APH Supplements and HyperPre-Workout

APH Supplements

Since then, the range has grown to include proteins, pre-workouts, vitamins, gym supplements and the highly sought after - HyperGummies

For 10% off your APH orders, use code APHDABHAN10

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