APH Science

The Project

APH Science is an up and coming fitness business – selling a wide range of SARMS and other gym supplements. On this project, we undertook the re-branding of the business, redesign of packaging, complete website overhaul – along with the creation of other marketing assets..

The Website

As we wanted complete control over the website and how it functioned – we opted for WordPress along with the Woocommerce plugin. The site was built using elementor – a user friendly drag and drop builder that gives the APH Science team complete control over their site.

We've got work to do

Apico needed help with usability and information architecture of their product website, landing pages mobile and web applications. They had short “startup” deadlines and had experienced lackluster results from other design companies.

Their customer insights were ready for A/B testing. They were also rapidly growing and wanted to have a well documented visual guidelines for the product team to simplify onboarding and enhance visual consistency.

Level asked as to help

— Take their product look to the next level

— Fix UX issues in mobile and web application

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the product

— Provide a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster

Creating a landing page with clear and targeted messaging was a crucial step in increasing conversions. Together with the Fortun team, we have compiled a new product page structure using the AIDA model and packed that in a nice cover 🙂