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NationWide Group are four businesses most famously known for towing (Nationwide Towing & Transport or previously known as 134 Tow)

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NationWide Group, a conglomerate of four diverse businesses, is best known for its leading towing service, Nationwide Towing & Transport (formerly known as 134 Tow). Over time, the group has branched out into Roadside Services and Storage & Auctions, broadening its portfolio beyond towing.

Our mission? To bring these four distinct entities together on one digital platform and rejuvenate a website that was showing its age.

The Challenge

The primary obstacle in this project was preserving the site's SEO ranking. The comprehensive rebuild of the website meant redirecting all traffic from 134 Tow to the new web address at nationwide-group.com.au. This major transition demanded careful planning and execution to prevent any drop in search engine visibility.

The Solution

To accommodate the diversity of NationWide Group's operations while maintaining clarity, we devised a unique approach. We divided the website into separate, colour-coordinated sections, each accessible via dropdown logos in the header. This strategy not only ensured targeted and relevant content but also made navigation easy and intuitive for visitors.

We're proud of the transformation achieved for NationWide Group and we look forward to continually enhancing their digital presence.

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