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London-based company providing technology, compliance, and governance solutions to businesses.

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- Innova UK is a London-based company providing technology, compliance, and  governance solutions to businesses. The company was founded by a group of industry  professionals and provides help-desk support and a range of IT services with a pool of  experienced engineers.

- We came on board to level up their website, capturing their sleek, professional image in  a smooth and engaging site. Let’s be real, for a tech company, a killer website is a must!

The challenge

- Our challenge at Dab Hand Marketing was to make an informative, attention-grabbing  website that was easy for both our client and their customers to use. The platform  needed to tell the user everything they need to know, but also create an interactive  experience that would easily introduce users to new services.

- The revamp had to maintain the energetic and professional tone of the brand right  throughout the design process.

- We used Webflow for the main content management system (CMS), giving us total  control over the design of the website. The CMS makes it easy for the client to update  their site with an easy-to-use editor that simplifies updating content just like writing in a  word document. Webflow is ultra-fast (great for conversions!) and has so many helpful  features such as built-in SEO tools and flexible ways to connect marketing tools.  Converting website visitors into hot leads was very much part of the challenge.

Our Solution

- We created a dynamic, modern and easy-to-use website that has driven significantly  more traffic to their business and is geared up to convert clicks into leads. We also set  up a blog for the client to manage content and boost their SEO rankings. The Innova  team is happy to have their website transformed so they can focus all their energy on  meeting their customers’ tech needs and growing the business. Hurray!

What’s next

- We are working to incorporate more of the features available through Webflow to make it  easier for the Innova team to update information on their site and connect with clients  through their powerful blog and social media.

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