So, you wanna use Wordpress?

Well, you're shit outta luck! Unfortunately we have phased out Wordpress in favour of webflow - the future of website-building! Here's why webflow is better!

We can build anything

Faster load speeds

Built in CMS by default

Incredibly Scalable

Wordpress Is Slow

Wordpress is notoriously slow because developers often use tons of plugins to get the job done. Theme builders, (like elementor) and shortcodes often adds to the slowness.

With Webflow, everything is clean code, with no plugins. Meaning faster load speeds and performance

Wordpress Ain't
At All Secure

Wordpress uses a database, and all the plugins you use adds more security vulnerabilities to your site. Without frequently updating plugins, themes or servers you are constantly open to hackers, malware and other nasties.

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Wordpress Will
Hold You Back

Why should you be paying your web developer to constantly be fixing broken plugins, security issues and using every caching plugin under the sun to speed up your site?

With Webflow, we can focus on what's important - that is making your site (and business) better!

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