So, you wanna use Wordpress?

Wordpress is an excellent choice for your web projects. You'll be able to easily edit content, add new pages, run a blog and even turn your Wordpress site into a fully functioning, customisable and scalable eCommerce system.

Stage 1


Now that we understand your project we will start planning all the finer details of your project. From plugins, to page structuring, speed and other factors which will help make your site a success.

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Stage 2

Setup & Configuration

Ensuring your site is properly setup and configured will be optimal going forward. Making sure we use the best plugins and integrations to make this work. Typically we use Elementor and a slick theme like Astra to assemble your site.

Our Work

Stage 3

Design & Build

We will now begin designing and building your site using the tools we selected in stage two. This is the most exciting part of the project - everything just starts falling into place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Answers

Is it true Wordpress is slow?

Wordpress does seem to get a bad rep for being super slow. But that's actually not true in most cases. Slow wordpress sites are typically slow because of two things. 1) Cheap or poor quality hosting. 2) Bad choice in themes or plugins.

By building your site properly and hosting on a good server your wordpress site has no reason to be slow. We have super fast hosting backed by digital ocean and our sites are built using Elementor, a lightweight and super easy to use Wordpress page builder to make sure that your site loads fast for both the front end and back end of your Wordpress installation.

I want to be able to edit my site, can I do this with Wordpress?

Yes! Of course. All our Wordpress sites are built using Elementor - a lightweight, fast and super powerful Wordpress page builder. This will mean that you can click through your site and edit things as you would a Word document, click save and then your changes have been made!

I've never used Wordpress before, will you show me how it all works?

Certainly! Everytime we do a handover we record a set of video explainers that talk you through everything and show you on screen so they are easier to follow. We'll always be available for a skype call to talk you through it virtually too.


Let's Get Going

We're just as excited as you are to get going on a new project! Shoot us a message below and we'll see how we can help!

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