So, you wanna use Shopify?

Shopify is an excellent choice for straightforward Ecommerce stores. You'll be able to easily edit products, manage orders and use some really cool apps to extend your store and automate a lot of tasks.

Stage 1


We'll move onto the a detailed planning of the Ecommerce store. Things like category structuring, integrations and addons that will be needed to help your store to get up and running.

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Stage 2

Setup & Configuration

The great thing about Shopify is the speed in which you can get an awesome and highly functional eCommerce store up and running. Typically, we make use of a premium theme which reflects the business well, and we tailor it to suit.

If you are super set on a particular look or design for your Shopify store, we can alway build you a bespoke theme which you can use.

Stage 3

Design & Build

We'll now get your site setup and transfer the Shopify subscription into your name. Once we've done that, we'll change some DNS settings to point your domain name to your Shopify store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Answers

How much is the Shopify Subscription?

Shopify is currently $29 a month, which may sound expensive, is actually great value for money. For starters, you can a scalable server you never have to touch that is ready for whatever traffic you throw at it. The same could not be said for that of a Wordpress site - which may crash if too much traffic is thrown at it.

The subscription also includes heaps of tools that will help make your store a success. SEO assistance, ready to go ecommerce solutions, loads of great free themes to name but a few.

Just think, if you're selling t-shirts online you only have to sell 2 and it's paid for itself. A great investment really.

Are there any other fee's involved?

The only other fees you will need to factor in is that of your payment processor. These are never very high, typically around 2% and a transaction fee of 50 pence or so.

How Can I Edit Stuff?

For the internal pages, Shopify provides a sidebar style CMS where you can run through the pages section by section and change text, images, and dynamic content to name but a few. It's important to note that when using premium themes the editor may be somewhat overwhelming with lots of options or it may be simplified too much that things become difficult to change. If you are wanting a site where you can tweak every pixel - you'd be better using a platform like Wordpress or Webflow.

For editing things like product data or blog posts, Shopify provides an easy to use WYSIWYG editor.


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