The Dab Hand Transformation: We’ve changed our name

What is going on here?

You may have noticed a recent switch from our previous name Dab Hand Group to Dab Hand Marketing and may have been curious as to why? Can we not make up our minds? Have we lost the plot?

Our name change has come as a small segment of our bigger picture and desire to grow as a business. Our upcoming ideas (no spoilers…sorry!) mean we want to start other subsidiaries and develop ideas in different markets whilst being able to operate them under the Dab Hand umbrella. This is exciting stuff for us and we look forward to sharing this progress as we go forward. We have no dates on this as it is likely to be a lengthy process – but we will get there.

We’ve also decided a name change was in order as having our core service in our business name gets across what we do much better than ‘group.’ We got asked a lot (I mean a lot) what the business did, whereas now – we don’t!

We will not be leaving our much loved Dab Hand Group name behind, but will be operating Dab Hand Marketing (and our future businesses) under Dab Hand Group.

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