Animations In Marketing: Why The Digital World Will Soon Need More Animators

If you are already quite versed in the basic operations of digital marketing, there are a few things that even experienced marketers overlooked in terms of the online industry. Digital marketing is a new-age field that continues to evolve and change depending on trends of the year at hand. What was effective years or decades ago are probably old news now, and those in the field are aware of that.

What has been a consistent method that has generated income and growth for decades is still the same but has evolved in methodology and procedure. Yes, you guessed it! It is video and animations for marketing.

To understand the impact and the evolution of video marketing, one has to understand the statistics and history at hand. For the longest time before the internet developed its permanent and strong presence, companies relied on video commercials to be aired on TV during correct times and stations. While this was extremely effective, this was expensive and was only cost-effective for bigger and more established companies.

Nowadays, things have not really changed. The statistics are clear in which more time is spent watching videos on streaming platforms like YouTube and even other less popular sites. Why? Because people love visual content, and can process visuals significantly faster than when reading text. Animated content grabs the attention of consumers in less than a tenth of a second. Think about that time an LED screen billboard suddenly changed the ad while you were commuting or driving, it is likely that your eye picked it up extremely fast. That is the power of video media and animated marketing.

Here are our top reasons as to why your business needs to utilize videos and animations in line with other tools like SEO and static advertisements:

It Leaves A Lasting Impression

Businesses and brands can leave a memorable impression to customers by using creative forms of advertising. With videos, you can show your brand’s story and values with encaptivating techniques of cinematography, rather than have viewers just read a block of text. This allows a clearer understanding of the business model, mission and vision and how the company helps customers.

It Is Quick To Digest

Words can often get people lost in translation. But with videos and animations, these can be formulated to fit the bill of a wide variety of audiences. Some media forms have been effective in crossing boundaries and being relatable to many people around the world. With text, it leaves out people who cannot digest languages well or those who are of a different culture and background. Simply put, the word “smile” has different translations, but putting someone smiling on camera means the same in all cultures.

Animation Is Proven To Boost Conversion Rates

When video content is visible on a website’s landing page, leads are more likely to stick around and browse your page than bouncing off it ASAP. If you have amazing content and good videos to back it up, people will be more likely to sign up a contact form or complete a purchase. This is because it engages the audience and may answer any potential questions they have about the products.

It Is Just Plain Fun And Entertaining

The same way we all used to love watching our favourite cartoons on the weekends, animated features or videos grip our attention because of the creative value put into it. While the animation is seen to be more for entertainment, marketers have been seen using it to better capture the viewer's attention. With animation, possibilities are endless compared to regular videos. You can create a fantasy world and develop a whole set of characters the way clients want it to be, which is why you will want to utilize animation at its core.


Animation and video are proven digital marketing tactics that have statistics to back them up. For a business looking to grow, utilize all forms of marketing tactics and develop the best mode of action to take with regards to successful campaigning. Remember that many digital marketing agencies exist, and can assist your brand with cutting edge advertising techniques.

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