5 Reasons Why You Should Use Slack


If you run a business that works remotely, you will know that working with clients is often tricky. Here at Dab Hand Marketing we have worked with over 400 clients from all around the world and have found one powerful solution to making working with clients a joyous experience.

This ultimate solution is known as slack. Slack is an online instant messenger system which was originally intended for internal use to bring teams closer together.

Around a year ago, we thought why not start using it with our clients – and we’ve had a lot of success. Here’s why…

1) Faster

Compared with its predecessor (email), Slack allows clients to communicate with our team instantly during working hours. This means questions or issues can be resolved much more quickly. This real time communication really helps to give our clients a confidence boost that we are always there to support them and, for us, means that we can handle requests much faster.

2) Easier to manage tasks

If you juggle a lot of projects at once, you’ll know the importance of managing tasks and staying on top of everything. Slack really does help you do this.

By using threads, we can break down large projects into manageable sections or sub-projects and communicate with stakeholders and keep track of conversations.

3) Never lose email attachments again!

We all know how painful email can be sometimes. One major drawback is that large email threads can often result in missing or hard to find attachments. Slack keeps a big list of everything you’ve been sent / have sent so that you can easily refer back to stuff in future.

4) Include teams and more people

Although you can do this with email, it’s much easier to ensure everyone is kept in the loop with slack. For starters, you will never again to forget to cc someone into a conversation. This will keep projects running smoothly – which is what everyone wants! You can quickly add / remove team members where needed.

5) Include teams and more people

Although not a major plus point, the instant nature of slack along with various features (like Emoji’s or gifs) make slack a more fun and engaging method of communicating with clients or your team.

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Well there you have it, our 5 reasons you should use slack when working with clients. As a basic conclusion, if you don’t already use slack with your clients, you definitely should consider it to help speed up your communication and keep clients in the loop in a fast and engaging manner.

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