Dab Hand Marketing

In A Nutshell

Dab Hand Marketing is summarised through its name, an informal expression of British slang meaning:
a person who is an expert at a particular activity‘.

Simply put, we really aim to be the best at everything we do – and we’ve demonstrated this many a time so far!

We ❤️ Startups

What Makes Us Different?

We specialise in helping startups and established businesses achieve their goals! Our expertise lies in building websites, creating brands, executing marketing campaigns, and producing animations!

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Who We Are

We're are a hands-on marketing agency with team members spread between the UK, Australia and Sweden - with big plans to continue branching out in exciting places around the world.

‍Founded by Harry Lang back in 2015 when he decided that it was time to start trading professionally and up his game as a freelancer. Since then, Harry has overseen completion of upwards of 350+ projects with various established businesses and startups alike.Some of the recognisable names include The Lad Bible, Betfair, CodeClan, Skn Clinics, Mister Minit and Leffler Leather Merchants.

What We Do

We currently help small to medium businesses smash their marketing, design, animation or website goals with creative solutions to smash their marketing goals. Currently we have a web development team who can take care of any Shopify, Wordpress, or Webflow project. We also have animators to create motion graphics explainer videos. Dab Hand Marketing also have a creative team to design, write, film and facilitate SEO work on a massive range of client types.

We love to work with everyone! Look forward to hearing from you

Investment Opportunities

As you probably know, Dab Hand Marketing has worked with a ton of startups. That’s generally who our target market is. People who’ve had an idea and need some help getting it off the ground. Or maybe they have already launched their idea but need a hand taking it to the next level. That’s where we come in.
At the start of our journey we were just quoting for projects like any regular project but then we realised...hey, we really like some of these ideas...what can we do to help? That’s where we came up with the Dab Hand Investments scheme.
If your business idea catches our eye and you need a hand getting the ball rolling - we can help.  Typically, we work out sort of a partnership agreement in which Dab Hand Investments would take a percentage of your business in exchange for marketing support. Branding, websites, videos, you name it - we’ll put that in in exchange for a slice of the pie!
Check out Harry’s website to see his personal investments - mean of which originally started as potential clients. 
If you have an idea you want to get going, but you:

  • 1) don’t have the time or expertise to market it, and 
  • 2) would be happy to go into partnership with us

Shoot us a message using the form here! Terms & conditions apply.