WTF is hosting?

From photos, to text, databases and code – every website has lots of files that need to be stored online for that site to work. Simply put…hosting is the backbone of every site. Even with somewhere to store these files, there is ongoing work needed to ensure everything is up to date, secure, virus free and most importantly – backed up!

That’s why we offer a handy subscription to take away the faff of running your website!

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What's included?

Script Writing

The animation word-smiths will kickstart your project by writing a fantastic script which not only reflects your brand, but meets your projects overall aims. We include unlimited amendments and changes throughout this process – so don’t be afraid to explore new ideas and get creative!


Storyboarding is included for free in this project as default. We have a bespoke made platform where we will share your storyboard on and we can work on.

Music + SFX

We want to make your projects the very best they can be – that’s why we don’t skimp out when it comes to quality music and sound effects! For the price above, we include unlimited sound effects and one piece of professional music.


We always suggest including a voiceover in your animation – that’s why it’s included in your price! There are an ever growing amount of talented voice actors we could work with.


Before we start animating, we will sign off our beloved script and storyboard and then get to work. We include unlimited amendments throughout the animation process (providing we don’t change the script after we’ve signed it off*)

* Script changes after sign off can be facilitated, but may occur additional re-recording cost.

Dedicated Team Member

We know that relationship can easily make or break a project – that’s why every project includes a dedicated team member who will communicate with you directly from start to finish!

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