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As the world is getting lazier and lazier, delivering your content in easy to digest video form is the key to your audiences heart. By creating more content, you open a totally new marketing platform of youtube to help drive your brand awareness, and if we're good enough at it, you may get extra income from your content.

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Stage 1

Initial Discussion

Understanding what it is you want to film is super important. Also understanding why you want to hire a videographer in the first place, and what goals you have out of producing the video. This will help us tailor our suggestions to suit.

At this point, we'll be able to get a clearer idea on what is involved and any hurdles we might have to get over. This is all mandatory to help us put together out quote.

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Stage 2

Script Writing & Planning

Now that we know what it is you want to be producing, we can get to work on planning out the content and overall plan of our video project.

Here, we'll begin script writing (if required) and planning the finer details of the shoot for on the day. We may also begin ordering voiceovers so that we have a guide for filming on the day.

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Stage 3

Shoot, Shoot, and Shoot some more!

It's true that 'too much footage' doesn't exist. It's not a valid complaint. Having an excess of footage is a great thing as it means you have way more options for swapping out clips that weren't as good as you'd thought they would be, or maybe coming up with totally new ideas when you're editing the stuff together.

We suggest setting aside proper time to do any acting or doing tours as our videographers may want to reshoot or improve particular scenes. It's better to get perfect shots on the day than have to come back and re-do or worse, the dreaded 'fix it in post request!'

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Stage 4

Edits & More Drafts

Now that we've shot there is to shoot, we will begin editing our project together and deliver a final draft as swiftly as possible. This is my favourite stage as everything starts coming together nicely and all the hard work on the filming day pays off.

You may be happy with the first draft, or we'll continue working with you until we have the final product ready to be showcased!

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