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Social media today is an absolute must if you want to get anywhere with your business. It's good fun and you can get super creative...but it takes bloody ages and getting good content is hard if you don't know how.

We have three social media marketing packages that let you fully outsource your social. All content will be scheduled one month in advance.

Stage 1

Goals & Ideas

Before we create any content, we'll have a quick call to go over what you'd like to be promoting, your goals and anything else you might have tried in the past. We'll then start brainstorming and shoot you some ideas.

Stage 2

Shoot, Shoot and Shoot Some More

On the day, we'll bring our equipment and try to capture as much content as humanly possible in our one to two days of visiting you. The time that we spend depends greatly on the complexity of the ideas and the shooting environment. We recommend keeping things simple so you can get more content during our time together.

Stage 3

Processing Content

Now that we have a heap of content, we can start processing it and tying everything together. For videos, this means editing our footage into the final product. For photos, the means touching up any blemishes or imperfections, colour correction and other improvements. We'll send you a preview to make any amendments or remove any content before it is scheduled up.

Stage 4

Scheduling Content

Woo! So, all our content's good to go. Excellent. To make the month go as smoothly as possible, we will make use of a social media scheduling tool called This will allow us to schedule up the content for the month so that we can focus on creating next months content.

Stage 5

Promoting Posts

To get the most out of the content, we suggest putting some money behind the most promising content in order to increase the views. We can assist with audience targeting and make recommendations to make your money go as far as possible.

We'll take care of your

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