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Whether you’re a small business looking for some basic internet presence, or an established organisation needing to rake in some much needed sales… Dab Hand Marketing are here to help!

We pride ourselves with excellent attention to detail, customer service and quality work – all at an affordable price! Our team of experienced web guru’s will take your dream and turn it onto a reality. We'll use the latest technologies and awesome design ideas, – you’ll be sure to be the coolest site on the block!

Stage 1

Initial Discussion

Fully understanding your needs and future goals is crucial to your web project being a success. During this stage, we'll talk through everything needed for the project - this will help us move onto stage two - selecting the technologies to build it.

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Stage 2

Selecting Technologies

Now that we understand your needs and future plans for the site we can select a technology to build it with.

We are able to build sites using either Shopify, Wordpress or Webflow and will choose the best platform to use based on your needs.

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Stage 3


Now that we know the technology we are using to build your dream site. We will plan out everything needed to put this site together - things like pages, integrations, plugins and potential design directions we could follow.

Stage 4

Design & Development

Great - we've planned out our projects, now we will begin to design and develop. This is the most exciting part of the project as you will get to see all our ideas and discussions falling into place.

Stage 5

Deployment & Ongoing Work

Now that we have built your site, we move onto the deployment stage. This is where we will set your site live to the public and setup integrations needed to make your site work. At this stage, we can discuss ongoing work such as SEO and hosting for Wordpress.

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What We Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Answers

What platforms do you use?

We will listen to your brief and then decide which platform will be the best for the job. At the moment, we are using Wordpress, Webflow and Shopify to put our clients sites together.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is essentially a big folder in the cloud that stores all your sites files. Think about your images, your text, your product data, or your blog posts, form submissions and other stuff. If we choose to roll with Wordpress, you will need to organise your own hosting provider or use ours to store all the files and assets needed for your site. If you are taking the plunge to use a more sophisticated platform stuch as Webflow or Shopify then your hosting will be integrated into your monthly subscription for the platform.

What is self hosted vs hosted?

As we mention in the card above, hosting is essnetially where all your sites files and assets get stored. Without it your site wouldn't have any stuff to show its users!

Self-hosted is as easy as it sounds. It's where you, as the owner, are responsible for keeping all your sites files and assets safe and accessible in your hosting provider of choice (hopefully Dab Hand Marketing 😉 )

Hosted is meaning a platform who's hosting is already included in the monthly subscription you are paying.


Let's Get Going

We're just as excited as you are to get going on a new project! Shoot us a message below and we'll see how we can help!

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