Things You Need to Learn About Content Marketing this 2021: Technology and Content

The marketing of content involves working on providing great content of significant value that allows the consumers to become appreciative and reciprocate.

Because of content marketing, businesses can have their relationships deepen with existing customers and connect with the new ones. However, a lot of businesses are struggling to look for topics that they need to address. The great news is that there are many opportunities that may occur this October 2020 after a company accepted to identify Halloween projects that people can do themselves, have customers profiled, cover the National Taco Day, provide the products’ brief history, and raise awareness about cyber-security. The marketing of content involves the promotion, creation, and publishing of content with the engagement, attraction, and retention of customers as the primary goal. Here, the idea is to work on providing something that has a significant value like great content which would allow the consumers to become appreciative and reciprocate.

Content Marketing

All over the world, change is occurring whether you want to. A lot of the people are consistently and patiently waiting for the world to get back to normal.

How can people make something developed, something new and something that will allow them to get where they desire to be?

The answer to this is just saying no.

This strange advice came from the multinational hospitality company, Hilton. Their content services team headed by Meg Walsh said that saying no is actually a precursor to changes that are dramatic but mostly positive. According to Meg, people may not allow their team to change and create new skills if they still do the same work that they are always doing.

Last 2018, she had her role expanded from the management of adaptive platforms in content and digital assets that include the management of content operations such as the website and all the hotel imagery.

Their newly set-up team of around 70 personnel became successful in getting things completed. They have published content on 26 websites in over twenty languages. Even if they needed to utilize different CMS or content management systems to complete this, all the team members became happy.

Why is there a change?

According to Meg, she realized several things:

All throughout the past year, the team processed an excess of 107,000 tickets in content. She eventually thought this volume may become handled better if there was an automated solution, another team, or not handled at all.

The others considered this team as solely doers as these people mainly worked on processing tickets but neither marketing nor tech requested for their opinion.

She eventually made intentional choices intentionally so they can turn into the team they believe they can be.

Their group checked all the information and made a list of each task they handled. They then had it reviewed two times a year so they can decide if this was something that they need to stop doing, hand to a different team, or keep on doing. Afterwards, they only had two task categories they needed to work on allowing her team to have over 2,000 hours of free time.

This time is the same as a full-time position that they may now spend on the creation of impactful and strategic content such as getting involved in the new CMS’ content modelling. The effect eventually multiplied and the involvement of her team in the CMS content modelling allowed the saving of hours that the company may have used on tasks such as the updating of content on various websites which includes the Hilton Brands.

Since they said no to what they have been doing in the past, the team of Meg could have their profile expanded from being just doers and transforming into “thinkers, dreamers, and doers.” This allowed her team to have enough space so they can believe and do more than just having the buttons pushed.

This 2020, the pandemic allowed travel to get to a standstill. This made Meg layoff half of her team. However, since they could lay a great foundation for raising the profile of the team and doing a lot of the strategic work, it meant that the staff that remains is in an influential position to figure out how they can move forward.

Connection through Sharing of Content

According to Meg, “We are constantly questioning and coming up with novel ways of doing our jobs better and helping the rest of marketing do their jobs better.”

Make sure to treat empathy as something that is so much more than just a buzzword.

·        Listen

·        Hear

·        Understand

Wendy Richardson of Mastercard came back with those terms once more in her keynote which was “Never Miss a Beat: Creating World-Class Customer Experiences.

How many people would become interested in starting a conversation regarding the experience of customers with an employee’s voice? That is what the customer engagement and experience senior vice president, Wendy, did and she provided and explanation for this.

Whenever the content strategy involves making sure that the right content gets delivered to the right customer, through the right channel, and at the right time, we need to make sure that every employee understands the strategy and would become willing to give their all for it. They do everything that needs to get completed so that the company will deliver it.

Employee empathy also comes into play here. You need to inquire if they think they have the right data, needed processes, and best tools so they can become successful. It is vital to talk to them through any challenge or pain point.

For the customers, the same approach needs to get applied. Even if marketers have heard the advice to know their customers or audience many times, they still usually operate on guesses or assumptions.

The roll-out of your product or content should not be the time for you to know if the customers liked it. This happened to the team of Mastercard that Wendy considered as a lesson. After that experience, she learned that it is essential to have the customer pulled in earlier. We need to ensure that before locking down any design it is vital for us to listen to what they say.

This process may get help from surveys, focus groups, and groups of user advisories.

Moreover, it is vital to becoming consistent in asking about what people are thinking after you have the content rolled out. Provide visitors with easy ways so they can inform you if the content could meet their needs. Simply adding a question like “Was the content able to help you?” with a thumbs-down or thumbs-up button can surely provide the needed assistance.

In case empathy is a term that appears overused or touch-feel, it’s still fine to use it.

If the term empathy sounds touchy-feely or overused, that’s fine. In her keynote, Wendy used the term only once. Yet, all of these tips allowed her to weave the concept of asking, listening, hearing, and understanding.

This is what you may simply refer to as research or leadership.

Tools in the content can be so much like people as people are the ones that select, use, and build them. Right now, there are flaws with regard to the use of machine learning, algorithms driven by data, and AI or artificial intelligence. That is because the use of AI and its algorithms in the analysis of content may reflect weak spots and inherent biases when it comes to addressing the needs of the customer.

What could happen once the fed information into the algorithms eventually reflects the organization’s inherent biases?

The output of the algorithm will contain gaps and blind spots or get skewed.

In the ContentTECH talk, Chris Penn of Trust Insights was able to offer a simple way that content teams can go through this possible flaw. This involves the feeding of content in several pages from your site or your competitor’s site into a simplified tool in word-cloud that you can find on the web for free.

Whenever you get in tune with the audience that you desire, you can check out the word cloud so you can discover which of the terms are not matching the way they are discussing regarding the topic. These are words that are weak in the present content which you may have to exploit if it came from a competitor or correct if it’s yours.

Allowing the content to adjust properly can help in increasing the likelihood of your content to rank well. It can also increase the possibility that it will resonate with your desired audience. According to Chris, among Google’s key priorities is making sure that the content appears “pleasing to humans.”

Are you aware of the other things that can be pleasing to human beings? This involves having an input into the decisions that could affect them such as the buying of software. As per Deb Carver from The Content Technologist, that is the reason why before you raise an idea about a tech solution, you need to ask every team member about the help that they need most.

According to Deb, people usually “love to hate on their tools.” Because of this reason, it is essential to ask for their opinions regarding the processes and opportunities for improvement before any purchase so they can get on board. You need to ask the team the assistance they needed the most before buying any form of technology. That is because you are not really purchasing the tools. You will have to invest in your team so you can help them and allow the business to grow. Whenever content becomes involved, it may be nothing without the people. Tech and content are a brilliant combination that could be, at their best, allow the people to move into action.

The goal has never been just tech or content. Both of these can make things become better for the people which involves our customers, our audiences, and our internal teams. The aim for a better change should always be the goal.

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