Essential Trends in Marketing for Small Businesses this 2021 and Beyond

Even if no one can exactly predict what will happen in the upcoming year, it could definitely become a pivotal year. Because of all the chaos that happened this year, digital marketers now undergo numerous challenges to reach their customers in ways that are more targeted and creative. This shows that e-commerce including digital marketing’s other aspects will continuously grow and thrive in the year 2021.

No one may have predicted the numerous upheavals that arrived this 2020. Since we’re now at more than half of this chaotic year, people are now looking forward to 2021. What could the upcoming year provide for digital marketing?

Marketing Trends this 2021

There are numerous factors that are currently unknown, like the economy’s overall state, until when will the lockdown on COVID-19 continue, among others. Yet, people can check out the existing developments so they can make some well-informed predictions regarding how the landscape of digital marketing will appear this 2021.

Education and Events that are Highly Interactive

Interactive Events and Education

Included in the interactive events are casual sessions in social media platforms like YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live, online conferences, and webinars. The area which is overlapping is online education as it includes the universities’ accredited courses and offerings of non-credit that come from sites like Udemy, edX, Skillshare, and so much more.

According to a report from Grand View Research, the market of virtual events all over the world has a size that was almost 78 billion in the year 2019. People are now expecting it to grow by around 23% until the year 2027. However, this estimate is still quite conservative.

Similar to e-commerce, this trend has been happening for quite some time now, but it got sped up because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With or without the quarantine, there are some key advantages that virtual events have compared to the live events.

With virtual events, geography may no longer become a limitation as people from anywhere can now attend any event. The cost and time involved in travel will no longer become a factor whenever you need to attend an online event, course, or conference.

Moreover, having it set up can now be so much simpler and more affordable. It can help in saving for the cost of rental space as well as other factors like personnel that will allow people to get checked in, security, catering, among others.

The collection of information may end up being so much easier. Whenever people get registered for an event online, they need to have their information submitted. There is even a higher possibility for you to inquire as many details as needed during the process of registration. This includes the person’s phone number, email, social media IDs on Facebook and LinkedIn, among others. Doing this will allow it to become easier for people to stay in touch with every attendee so they will notice any future offers or events.

This will allow the results to get measured more easily. Whenever they hold events online, analytics can come naturally. It can also be easier to track the people’s engagement, how long they stay, how many attendees were present, and so much more. One example would be an event that has various price points at different tiers. This can allow you to measure which of the tiers is most popular. The metrics allow it to become possible to have your results improved as you work on planning for any event in the future.

E-Commerce and Its Continuous Growth

The Continuous Growth of E-Commerce

For the year 2021, one of the predictions that are least controversial involves the rapid continuous growth of e-commerce. There has been a steady growth in online retail which sped up because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report from Adobe, there has been a significant increase in online spending last May 2020 as it increased by as much as 77% compared to the past year. The biggest growth in e-commerce was what Amazon experienced in the past three years. There was also a significant increase in the sales of other online sellers like Alibaba and Walmart.

Even if there have been a lot of small businesses that needed to shut down temporarily, the customers embraced shopping online. There are currently a lot of reasons for anyone to shop online such as finding the best deals, availability of a greater product selection, and convenience. Right now, it even has safety as an added benefit.

It is unfortunate that in a lot of places, stores made of brick-and-mortar are permanently closed. That is why shopping online is now the sole alternative to going out for a trip.

Shopping online has numerous benefits that may not vanish despite the end of the quarantine. Since a lot of people are now getting used to browsing the internet to buy things from home, a great percentage of them may still continue to do this even if the physical stores eventually reopen. This is the main reason why it’s inevitable for e-commerce to continue with its expansion in the year 2021.

The Explosion of Short Videos

TikTok Videos

Because of the shrinking spans of attention, short videos are now highly popular. That is the very reason why there are some new platforms that feature videos in a short-form that are quickly becoming famous. TikTok is the one that got a lot of publicity. This video site based in China has now approximately 800 million active users, got downloaded over 2 billion times all over the world, and still continues to grow. Using Instagram and Facebook’s Stories feature is another way that helps in leveraging the short videos’ appeal. You may also choose to shoot short videos using your camera or phone and have them posted on your website. You can make short videos with a minimum of 10 seconds to a maximum of three minutes. There is a possibility that you can create free videos or short video ads as website content or organic posts. The following are some ways people can use them:

·        Allow your audience to become engaged

Short videos like Stories may end up becoming a handy tool that you can use so you can stay fresh in the minds of your viewers. It may not take a long time to make this as it is quite simple for any business to become consistent in making them. It can be possible to have these used so you can invite followers who would eventually respond with comments and queries or answer the FAQs.

·        Target a mobile audience

The creation of short videos is quite ideal if you want to target an audience that uses mobile devices. Since a lot of people are shopping and browsing using their smartphones, it is vital to have the content tailored to this type of audience. According to research, short video ads can perform better when they are on smartphones compared to any other device.

·        Have your product explained and demonstrated

You may use a detailed demonstration or explanation of your products so they will get highlighted on your e-commerce website. In case you are offering a service, you may use a video to summarize it.

The Transformation of SEO and Marketing through Voice Search

Voice Search

Another trend that people are expecting to take off this 2021 is the technology on voice search. Since more and more consumers are getting dependently comfortable in using Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, it now has a significant influence on marketing. Statista projects that the number of Americans who will use voice assistants will become more than 122 million by the year 2021. The following are some of this development’s major implications:

·        The growth of an SEO locally may have a relation to the voice search’s use. Since there is an increase in people who are looking for nearby businesses, having local terms in search placed is vital. This includes your page’s region, city, as well as nearby landmarks. One example is a person looking for a pizza place. That person may have typed in “pizza Los Angeles.” Nowadays, it would be highly likely for them to inquire about the nearby burger joint from their voice assistant by asking this query: “Where can I possibly search for the nearest restaurant that sells a scrumptious burger?”

·        The need for Google’s Answer Box. The Featured Snippets of Google such as the Google Position Zero and the Answer Box include featured content that users can view at the top of the webpage. People who use the voice search to ask some queries often get to these snippets. Because of that reason, the vital tip in SEO voice search is having it included in a list of FAQs regarding a product or a business.

·        People using the voice search have the tendency to speak in a natural way as they prefer to do this instead of traditionally having the keywords typed in. This allows the long-tail keywords to become more essential than ever including search terms that use sentences that are complete.

Highly Precise Personalization and Targeting

Precise Targeting and Personalization

Because of the advancements in artificial intelligence, it is now so much easier to create advertising that underwent detailed personalization and targeting. Since consumers get inundated with various promotions anywhere, they go, it is now highly essential to provide the ads that they would consider relevant. Included here are several trends that are currently emerging like ads and organic content.

Having lots of data can help in driving personalization. Businesses can now access highly accurate and bigger amounts of information which allows them to create buyer personas that are highly accurate. Once you get a lot of knowledge about your customers, it would become easier for you to get to them if you have messages that are well-targeted.

When it comes to personalized web pages, the leader here is Amazon. That is because they create highly personalized pages that has an awareness of your shopping history, interests, location, among others. The other company that is great in content personalization is Netflix as it recommends movies and shows through the use of an algorithm that is sophistically based on your past behaviour in viewing.

Because of the extensive growth in re-marketing and re-targeting, businesses provide people with ads that relate to the websites they have previously checked out.

The content’s greater segmentation may involve companies that create multiple lists of emails so they can provide well-targeted content that has basis on the demographics and buying behaviour of their subscribers.

2021: A Significant Year in Digital Marketing

Even if no one can exactly predict what will happen in the upcoming year, it could definitely become a [pivotal year]( Will be a Big Year for Digital Marketing&text=With all the chaos of,continue to grow in 2021.). Because of all the chaos that happened this year, digital marketers are now undergoing challenges to reach their customers in ways that are more targeted and creative. This indicates that e-commerce including digital marketing’s other aspects will continuously grow and thrive in the year 2021.

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