Become Effective in Attracting UK Customers with these Marketing Strategies

Having sufficient knowledge of every type of customer can help in creating a wonderfully tailored sales strategy as each may have different buying habits and characteristics that could be unique from the others.

For any professional marketer, clearly understanding the profile of every customer is essential. It is vital to know the factors that influence them to buy, the branded and promotional gifts they want, and the ways they share and look for information.

Having sufficient knowledge on this can help in creating a wonderfully tailored sales strategy for every type of customer as each may have different buying habits and characteristics that could be unique from the others.

In the UK, consumers often become loyal to any of their favourite brands as these companies usually provide them with highly valuable services like product returns, free shipping, and smooth deliveries. In the UK, around 50% of customers prefer shopping from

Consumers in the UK, for example, are generally famous to be loyal to their favourite brands who provide them valuable after-sales services such as hassle-free delivery, free shipping, and product returns. When it comes to where UK consumers prefer to shop, close to 5 out of 10 prefer shopping from traditional street-side stores while others prefer to shop online.

Check out these key attributes so you can create specialised strategies for the effective promotion of your business in the UK:

Have Your Website Optimised

SEO Optimisation

You probably get the same traffic from search engines on your website, so it makes perfect sense to score high in terms of design, functionality, and ease of use especially since people in the UK are spending a great deal of time on their smartphone. Also, you wouldn’t want to be part of the statistic that says 1 in 3 British millennials do not agree that retailers' mobile sites are not easy to use.

Website developers agree that there’s a very dynamic interplay between user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). You can’t possibly have a great UI that does not translate to an equally great UX.

If your UI is non-intuitive or if pages are taking too long to load up, you can be sure that customers will quickly abandon what they were trying to do on your site.

Browsing your website on mobile should also give users the same experience as to how it is on the desktop. Google data shows that 82 percent of smartphone users rely on their mobile devices to research products, but people would still switch to a desktop computer to complete the purchase. Invest in making your website mobile-friendly for online shoppers, especially the young consumer groups.

To optimise your website for SEO, you could take advantage of user-generated content. Find out what customers are saying about your brand and use that information to help you improve your strategy in creating content with killer keywords for your site.

Increase Your Visibility in Search Engines

Search Engine Visibility

Customers in the UK usually check out e-commerce websites to search for various services, products, and information. Since most web traffic comes from search engines like Bing and Google, it is vital to make the brand become easy to search through these platforms. We highly recommend that you allow your business viewable in Google Maps so that any customer can easily find your business whenever they look for a business in a specific location.

As per Google, searches with the phrase "near me" have significantly increased which is why it is vital to include the name, phone number, and address of your business in any local searches. It can even be possible to have the search keyword narrowed down to include markers in a location like known landmarks as well as the street's name.

Being included in Google Maps will allow the customers to have your business reviewed. If there are many people who have themselves tagged as your loyal customers and provide your brand with positive reviews, your search engine ranking will surely increase.

It would be great to invest in paid search marketing as it allows your business name to be at the top of the SERP or search engine results page. Just make sure that you use a great set of keywords for SEO or search engine optimization.

Customers in the UK often prefer to research about any service or product online. According to the marketing experts of the UK, this is a type of organic search that leads almost half of UK consumers to retailers in eCommerce. When it comes to SEO, it is vital for search engines to find you whenever users type phrases or keywords in your site links, content, and product descriptions.

Have Traditional Strategies in Marketing Implemented

Traditional Marketing Strategies

For consumers in the UK, marketing strategies in-store are still highly appealing. Forty percent of UK customers check out physical stores whenever they wanted to go shopping for clothes.

Aside from this, it is effective to promote a brand through traditional marketing of content since this is what people can understand and access quite easily.

Distributing promotional materials or gifts and direct mail to every residence in your local neighbourhood is great as a lot of people are exposed to this type of strategy in marketing. This can easily allow them to understand the way your services are working.

Consumer shows and marketing events are also gaining a lot of ground among consumers in the UK. There is a significant increase in the popularity of consumer events as people have increased their interest when it comes to exploring artisanal and cultural products in an environment that is offline. This allows them to become closely connected to people who are selling branded gifts on any niche market.

Consumer events usually become highly successful whenever they get sufficient support from traditional and radio media companies. Because of this, it would be best to become partners with them whenever you become ready to have your own organised.

Establish a Great Presence in Social Media

Social Media Platforms

Brits of this era are famous for seeking validation from any social media site. Because of this, it is vital to realize what you need to complete so that your business' authority, presence, and the image will become successfully established and your business will turn into a brand that UK customers will trust and depend on.

For this, the first thing you need to do is choose the best platform for your desired purpose. Twitter aims for engagement in real-time, Facebook is made for awareness of the brand, Instagram works on boosting promotions in e-commerce, while YouTube works to provide educational information.

After choosing the recommended channel for the objectives you are targeting, you will have to choose your strategy in posting. You need to become aware of what you need to post, when it should get posted, and ways you can have your content shared or promoted. Once you determine this, you will listen carefully so you can properly respond to what the customers say. According to statistics, around 77% of Twitter users get drawn to brands that frequently reply to whatever they are tweeting.

Despite the fact that UK consumers can be privy to any marketing effort both offline and online, it wouldn't mean that you can have a marketing approach that can fit everything. It would be best to have an approach with multiple facets that can open brighter and better opportunities whenever you plan to get into the British market.

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