Awkward Stewations

The Project

Awkward Stewations are a new and exciting family orientated board game which is set to launch in 2019. This project involved Dab Hand Marketing created several promotional / explainer style animations using several of the custom drawn characters which formed the Awkward Stewations brand. The goal of these was to create a humorous, yet informative video explaining how the game was played and highlighting the quirky features for each of the cards.

We were also tasked with the build and design of a bespoke wordpress site on which the game could be both promoted and sold.

The Website

For the website, we opted for WordPress using the Woocommerce plugin. This meant Awkward Stewations could have a truly bespoke, eye catching site that complimented their unique, quirky brand.

End Result

Upon completion, Dab Hand Marketing delivered a fully bespoke WordPress site which offers an easy to use, fast and scalable solution for Awkward Stewations. The site makes use of an intuitive drag and drop builder which gives the business full control over adding new elements and amending existing content.

The animation was also well received across several mediums (primarily social media channels instagram, facebook and youtube) and has acted as a fundamental source of lead generation for the game.

Harry Lang
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